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About Us

About us and how we started. AJ Shepard, the principle of Shepard Design Landscape Architecture, has been transforming landscapes and turning them into “dreamscapes” for residential and commercial use in California for over 35 years.

Blending homeowner inspiration with a Landscape Architect’s talent for design is how AJ brings people’s dreams to life.

Interestingly, AJ’s talent for landscape design emerged early in life: While still in high school he created a locally significant garden for the Cal Trans freeway engineering department in South California.

After receiving a B.S. in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, AJ worked for the Providian Group, a large landscape architectural firm, specializing in designing hotels, model homes and regional parks. Later, AJ founded his own landscape architecture company.

For the past 16 years AJ has practiced landscape architecture in Marin County and San Francisco, creating beautiful gardens for local companies, such as Sloat Garden Centers, Pederson and Associates and Suzman Design Associates. Passionate about his work, AJ is equally committed to a balanced life. He enjoys traveling, sailing, gardening, bike riding, hiking, and values the time he devotes to community, serving youth and assisting seniors, as well as helping local environmental groups. Through the years, AJ has traveled the world—investigating new ideas and methods for design, expanding his professional knowledge and gathering inspiration that his Clients can benefit from in their future projects.

Awards Received

KERMIT DORIUS AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Newport Beach residence (2002)

Silver Medal – (1998)

SAN FRANCISCO GARDEN SHOW Peoples Choice – Chelsea Award (1998)

METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT FIRST PLACE for Water Conservation Garden Design (1995)

Metropolitan Water District First Place for Water Conservation Garden Design (1994)
Neighborhood Beautification Contest Winner Newport Beach residence (1993)
Metropolitan Water District First Place for Water Conservation Garden Design (1993)
City Proclamation City Beautification of a Tustin City residence (1993)

...The design just looks right! Thank you for the great work.”
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Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design