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Can you help me with a maintenance schedule for my landscape?
Yes we can. We are not arborists but we can come and even do some of the critical pruning of maples or direct your gardener or tree trimmer to properly trim your trees. We encourage our clients to have a plan for the maintenance of their landscapes. We can help with seasonal task planning as well as the specific requirements for each plant. We do recommend that in order to fulfill the guarantees on materials and plants, the contractor who installed your landscape maintain the property for the first year.

Does it make sense to build a permanent outdoor kitchen?
That is a personal decision that depends on your space and your love of grilling!! We have designed many out door kitchen areas that accommodate a grill, sink, refrigerator, ice machine, wok and fire pits. Our biggest concern is making the kitchen blend in with the landscape and to create a destination spot for your entertaining needs.

Can you help me with garden art urns and outdoor furniture?
Yes, we not only specify and order outdoor furnishings including cushions and pillows, but we also design custom wood, metal and stone gates, art and sculpture for our clients. Please check out our resources area on the website and look for a future Marketplace to buy.

Can you help me with landscape lighting?
Lighting can expand your enjoyment of the landscape. It not only provides safety and security illumination, but it can transform your landscape into a sculptural focal point.

Do you oversee the construction?
Yes, for an hourly fee. However, we are not general contractors. We try to make all the decisions we can during the design process, but sometimes there are design decisions during best figured out during the construction process. We have found by overseeing the contractors work you as the client get the best possible results and a highly quality of construction too.

If my project is small do I need a design?
Sometimes the smaller projects need the most design expertise to create a interesting and viable space. Sometimes the design of a smaller space is more complicated than doing a larger space. Being in the Bay Area there are plenty of small intensely used gardens and in order to create a usable space for our clients to enjoy we have taken a lot of pride in listening to their needs and creating some amazing small spaces.

Do you provide hourly consults?
Absolutely, we can be hired by the hour to provide advice, design planting plans and even go shopping for plants, furniture, urns, and rocks. After that it will depend on your scope of work. An initial consultation or site visit will help us put together a proposal for our fees. We will always be able to give you either an not to exceed estimate of the cost of our work where the scope of the project is undetermined, or an fixed fee where there is a specific scope.

Are you a landscaper?
No. We are not a design-build firm, nor are we gardeners. We work with many qualified landscape construction crews and believe that competitive bidding for construction is the smart approach. The money you save by getting a full set of drawings that can be bid will more than pay for our fees. We also believe that there is not one contractor for every type of project. We try to match the strengths and styles of our contractors with the needs of our clients. Since we have projects throughout the Bay Area we have a lot of contractors with whom we have worked and feel confident about recommending for your project.

I don’t think I can afford a landscape architect.
The decision of do-it-yourself versus hiring landscape architects and other professionals largely depends on your budget and personal tastes. Even many people who can afford to hire a landscape architect prefer to do the work themselves, because they find it relaxing, challenging and satisfying. Some projects demand such highly specialized skills that you have little choice but to hire professionals; for instance, designing patios, decks and retaining walls. Nonetheless, you can still make an informed decision before hiring someone by doing your homework. In the case of having a new garden designed, a good place to start are these FAQ’s or call and ask us a question by phone, no charge.

How do I hire a landscape architect?
Look for a landscape architect who is experienced in the kind of residential design that you are seeking. Ask friends and neighbors to recommend a landscape architect. Make sure you get details about why they recommend this person. Know the difference between landscape architects and other related service providers. Landscape designers, garden consultants and master gardeners can advise you in their areas of expertise, but make sure that they have experience in construction oversight, local regulations, site engineering and building techniques. Hire only as much expertise as you need. If you want only a planting plan for your existing flower bed, a master gardener might give you better value. If you don’t know what you need, hire a landscape architect to help you find out. Interview a few landscape architects on the phone. Ask whether you can see examples of their work to ensure that you like their style. Invite promising designers to come to your property to give you an estimate. Establish a clear understanding of what you expect from a landscape architect and make sure you communicate this to those you interview. Choose someone with whom you can communicate easily.

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