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Step By Step: What to Expect

Not sure about what to expect when you call Shepard Design Landscape Architecture. Hopefully the below steps will clear things up!

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or Contact us through our website. Click on the steps below to learn what to expect.

  • Step 1

    Initial get acquainted meeting & Next Steps: No Charge

    We will use this time to mutually get to know each other better.
    You are making a decision to potentially invest a significant amount of money into your garden. This is an important decision and I want to make sure you know about my qualifications and that you determine that you want me to be your designer. This is the time we get to know like and trust each other.

    At the end of our Initial meeting we will decide if we are the “Right” team member to help you achieve the garden of your dreams. If you say yes then I will ask you to supply me with photos and or locations of examples of things or gardens that you like and any ideas you might have.

  • Step 2

    Questionnaire & Proposal: No Charge

    After you determine that you would like me to submit to you a Proposal for Services then I will forward to you an “In Depth” Questionnaire to help you put into writing, all your ideas. This allows me to see your vision better and also allows me to be more accurate in formulating my Proposal.

    A proposal will be formulated after discussing your ideas and reviewing your Questionnaire. We will then meet to review the Proposal. At the meeting we will review the Proposal and discuss all its points and come to a Final Agreement. Upon your acceptance of that Agreement, we will walk the site together to take pictures and discuss site potential and possible ideas.

  • Step 3

    Agreement for Production of the Master Landscape Plan: Fixed Fee

    1. Make a Survey
    2. Create a Base Plan
    3. Analyze the Site and the Inventory of the existing conditions
    4. Develop a Program
    5. Draw out a Concept Plan
    6. Sketch Alternatives and or Vignettes of Ideas
    7. Finalize the Master Landscape Plan
  • Step 4

    Design Development: Hourly

    After acceptance of the Master Plan then some of the items on the Plan may need a closer detailed look. This is the time to determine final material selections, finishes, colors and other important functional design details.

  • Step 5

    Proceed into Implementation/Construction Documents: Fixed Fee

    • Existing Site Conditions Plan
    • Demolition Plan
    • Grading Plan
    • Layout Plan for Paving and Structures
    • Utilities Plan – Electrical, Drainage
    • Irrigation Plan
    • Planting Plan
    • Construction Details
    • Specifications
  • Step 6

    Construction Site/Shopping/Progress Review: Hourly

    One of the most critical places to spend money are Construction Site Reviews.

    In order to get proper materials with proper construction techniques as well as make intelligent modifications if needed is to have Site Reviews. Site Reviews are needed to protect your investment and to help ensure you’re getting what you have paid for, and constructed in a proper manner.

    Shopping trips allows you to use us to make on the spot decisions for Construction Materials, Light fixtures, Containers and Plant Materials

...The design just looks right! Thank you for the great work.”
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Remodeling and Home Design