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Why Choose Us?

Gardens designed by Shepard Design come in many styles and each one is uniquely created with the owner’s personality and their needs in mind.

When thinking about a landscape design you may want to choose something simple or easy to maintain. A design to stand the test of time. You may desire a garden that appeals to the gardener in you, a place to putter and unwind and decompress. You may want to create a place to entertain your family and friends with outdoor dinner parties or just to talk around a fire pit.

Whatever your intention, the outdoor landscape we design will solve your issues and needs. With our years of experience and worldly creative ideas, let us guide you through the process of designing your garden so you can live in and enjoy it for years to come.

Our Benefits Include:

  • Experience and Affordability
    We help to keep costs down by thoroughly understanding your needs and how they relate to the construction process and costs of materials. Too much paving, for example, can be expensive so we can balance hard surfaces and planting areas; too much lawn requires a lot of maintenance and water. Therefore, the right combination of elements reduces costs and creates a closer number to your budget range. Another way that we like to get control of costs is to bring in a licensed qualified Landscape Contractor early in into the preliminary design stage.
  • Increasing Property Value and Usable Space
    Your professionally redesigned outdoor spaces will increase your enjoyment of your garden as well as your home’s net worth. A landscaped property not only increases a home’s value, but also the likelihood of a more desirable resale. A well thought out design improves curb appeal can turn a neglected corner into an enjoyable retreat space. It can increase useable space out of a previously unused or inaccessible piece of your property.
  • Dramatic Elements that Create Uniqueness
    Innovative landscape elements such as accent lighting, waterfalls, fire pits and exotic plants are applied artistically for dramatic effect. These elements make your garden a signature piece, bringing in a bit of your personality to create a one-of-a-kind experience that pleasantly delights because of its creative use of materials and space.
  • Intelligent and Thoughtful Design
    Our 35-plus years of experience translate into providing the right solution for every outdoor space. Each project presents a special set of challenges for creating the ideal garden, but our world-travel knowledge, experienced eye and creative skills enlarges the architectural possibilities of your dream garden so when completed it will touch you and your family in a memorable way.
  • Knowledge about Special Conditions
    Our experience working with unusual terrain makes us extremely efficient, helping to reduce expenses and maintain design integrity. For instance, your garden with a local deer population can become a destructive nuisance and expense, so “deer resistant” plant choices need to be selected; while shady properties may require a natural (or native) forest-looking shade loving plants; and still other landscape designs may need to be more child friendly, water conserving or pet resistant. Many of our customers have an appreciation of art and need a garden designer to properly display these personal pieces that they thoroughly enjoy and want to share their enjoyment with their visiting guest. No matter what the type of garden, it takes time and thought and can not be solved quickly with the wave of an arm or by spraying out some paint lines onto the ground. The money you will spend can be quite a lot and it is an investment in the value and enjoyment of your home. It’s an investment like any other other purchase of lasting value. The advice received from a Licensed Landscape Architect up front is often money well spent.
  • Licensed Landscape Architect verses not Licensed Garden Designer
    In order to become a Licensed Landscape Architect one must attend a four year university and acquire a degree in Landscape Architecture. Once that has been achieved, the architect-in-training must work to gain experience as an apprentice under another Licensed Professional for three years. Last, the individual is allowed to take a three-day-long licensing exam, which includes an oral examination.
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Remodeling and Home Design